Standing with Entrepreneurs

At Arkios, we prioritize the industrial value and uniqueness of our clients.

We understand, develop, present, and share the deal’s structure with selected investors to optimize its value for both the company and the entrepreneur.



Structuring and Assisting M&A Deals (Sell-Side and Buy-Side)

  • Search and selection of Financial Investors (Private Equity Funds, Investment Holdings) and Industrials (Same or complementary sector, Multinationals, etc.)
  • Supporting the Client to develop a robust and practical M&A strategy. Devising how to optimize the Company value and the deal structure through a thorough analysis of the operation rationale considering its strengths and weaknesses
  • Drafting and organizing all essential documentation, encompassing economic-financial and strategic analyses, positioning, and formulating a fitting Business Plan
  • Providing steadfast support throughout negotiation, aligning with due diligence efforts, and coordinating legal, fiscal, and administrative professionals



Business Continuity

We stand by Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Families in managing Family Governance/Generational Transition matters, aiming to preserve, optimize, and enhance the value of the “family business”. We identify corporate solutions and governance mechanisms to ensure business continuity and balance among stakeholders.

Collaborating with our partners, we develop strategies, mechanisms, and solutions to navigate moments of generational discontinuity and/or among different family branches.

• Supporting a strategy to maximize/maintain the value of the “family business” in complex scenarios involving multiple family branches and/or different generations.
• Preparing for a smooth generational transition: assisting in creating an effective and efficient corporate structure to manage potential future discontinuity.
• Assisting in structuring proper governance mechanisms.


Debt Advisory

We aid Medium-sized Italian Enterprises in devising Debt Operations to bolster growth strategies

  •  Assisting clients in dissecting growth plans to pinpoint the most fitting structured finance approach for their execution (financing, minibonds, mezzanine).
    • Crafting and assembling the necessary documentation for financial institutions and institutional debt investors.
    • Identifying funding sources and bargaining optimal terms for the client.
    • Guiding clients through every step of the process and coordinating with other stakeholders involved.



Assisting Medium-sized Italian Companies in the listing process

  • Timing of the listing project and crafting the Equity Story.
  • Aiding in the selection and subsequent coordination of the involved parties (EGA, Global Coordinator, Specialists, Legal Advisors, Audit Firms, Communication Companies).
  • Providing constant support to management and entrepreneurs throughout the IPO preparation process, document production, economic/financial analysis, and financial sustainability of the business and investment plans to support the EGA, as well as supporting and preparing documentation during the Roadshow phases in conjunction with the Global Coordinator and the client.