Arkios Italy S.p.A. Art Collection: SKOTT MARSI Skott Marsi ( is a New York City born, international contemporary street artist. Currently he produces works in 4 studios; New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Milano (both with Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery& Artist’s Residency)

His current work carries the influence of Jackson Pollock & Banksy. Mixing his creative splatter with iconic images, Skott’s artwork is created with intentions to provoke conversation. Skott started his art career in the streets of NYC. As kid, Skott’s first graffiti “tag” was his own rendering of the iconic American clay animation “Gumby”. This was created from his influence of Keith Haring. In the past two years Skott has become one of the top trending artists working out of the Wynwood Art & District in Miami. Having collectors of high profile such as the Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, NFL player Jeremy Shockey, and world renowned signer, Christina Aguilera to name a few.